St John

St John has existed in New Zealand since 1885 and is part of a global organisation known as the Order of St John, which is active in more than 40 countries. St John is at the frontline of medical response providing Ambulance Services throughout New Zealand. It is also part of the broader landscape of health and social care, through provision of first aid training, event medical services, medical alarms, youth programmes and a wide range of community programmes. It is a charitable organisation that operates independently of government and business.

St John is run and staffed by people who are passionate about serving their communities and caring for fellow New Zealanders. St John is a charity and has a volunteer ethos, with paid and volunteer members working side by side.

Please note that St John does not provide an ambulance service in the Wellington or Wairarapa region. However St John does provide other services in those areas.

You can enter any amount (including cents) although a minimum donation of TR$1.00 is required for charity redemptions.

Please note: We will be unable to issue a tax receipt for any donation using True Reward dollars.
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Together – Jamie Oliver  From TR$60.00
The Boy from Gorge River – Chris Long  From TR$39.99
Atua: Maori Gods and Heroes – Gavin Bishop  From TR$40.00
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