Education is a child's ticket out of poverty. It is how we will break the cycle of hardship, and it is at the core of everything KidsCan does. KidsCan is levelling the playing field, giving children whose families are struggling the same opportunity to learn as anyone else.

KidsCan works in partnership with 741 low decile schools throughout New Zealand to deliver essential items their students would otherwise go without. By working directly with schools, KidsCan is able to reach the kids most in need of our support, ensuring they are fed, warm and healthy so they can focus on learning.

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Supergood – Chelsea Winter  From TR$50.00
Together – Jamie Oliver  From TR$60.00
The Boy from Gorge River – Chris Long  From TR$39.99
Atua: Maori Gods and Heroes – Gavin Bishop  From TR$40.00
How do I feel? Dictionary of Emotions – Rebekah Lipp, Craig Phillips  From TR$39.95
The World’s Worst Pets – David Walliams, Adam Stower  From TR$26.99
Slow Cooker Central 7 Nights of Slow Cooking – Paulene Christie  From TR$27.99
The Barefoot Investor Classic Edition – Scott Pape  From TR$32.99